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Atlantic Dimes

Established in 2006 Atlantic Dimes provides a range of ground handling and air freight services in Asia and across the world. We also provide services to our customer airlines that include an executive lounge for First and Business Class travelers, passenger check-in and baggage handling, the loading and unloading of cargo from freight flights and a cargo warehouse operation for all import and export needs.

Atlantic Dimes is a member of the PAVO Aviation, the first ever alliance of airport services providers. Created in 2006 to provide airlines with a co-operative alternative to the existing global handlers it presently has 8 members operating at more than 100 airport locations and is represented across 18 continents.

Our reputation relies on our employees and a range of employee benefits help us to recruit, retain and motivate our staff. However we believe a good employer must also provide a safe working environment. The health and safety of our employees is a major priority, not only because we have a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of our staff but also because this determines our operational efficiency. We are proud of our record in this area as we aim to establish a safety culture in which individual employees are able to raise issues and concerns. In order to achieve this we work closely with our unions and audit our performance on a regular basis.

We presently employ over seven hundred people and have responsibilities both to them and to their families. Vibrant and successful communities are in the interest of everybody.

Caring about the Environment

Governments, companies and many individuals are increasingly concerned about the impact of their activities on the environment. All companies have a responsibility for managing these issues. Demonstrating environmental improvement is a particular challenge for ground handling companies. As an integral part of the airport we are dependent on the infrastructure around us to deliver our services so in many situations it is not possible to isolate our environmental impact. Nevertheless we take our environmental responsibility very seriously.
Atlantic Dimes has a complex set of responsibilities. We form part of the fabric of the airport and freight service so our primary responsibility lies in assisting our airline customers to fulfill their promises to the passenger, whether they are a family returning from a summer holiday or a business awaiting the urgent delivery of their cargo.

Effective partnership is a vital ingredient in our business success. We work closely with our airline customers, the airport operators and other airport-based businesses to keep our operations running smoothly. We invested over $6 million in 2013 on new equipment to improve our efficiency and help us to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’.

Ultimately, our business is only as good as the staff we employ which is why our employees form a major focus of our ‘responsibility programme’. As an example many of our staff lift and carry heavy suitcases and we will continue to uphold the 32kg limit per piece of luggage.

Our aim is to work closely with all our stakeholders to improve the way we run our business. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) form the basis on which we are judged by our customer airlines, these include:

Delays caused to aircraft turnarounds:

  • On time performance
  • Timely Delivery
  • Customer service